Another year over...almost!

Well, another year is nearly done and if like me you have a house full of children...the year will have flown by far too quickly! So, as I sit here having just put my toddler & youngest baby down to sleep finally, I've started to write my last work day 'To Do List' of the year, in anticipation of tomorrow's 'last day at work mad rush', I've was thinking about filing and archiving client records tomorrow (not very interesting I hear you say)...but this then led onto me thinking about all the lovely children's names I've heard in my studio this year. So lovely infact, that there's been a few occasions where I've stopped and thought, "Why didn't I think of that when I had my baby!" I gorgeous is the name Elsie...and then there's Maddison...and Matilda and Lottie! Yes, my baby was a gorgeous little girl...(much to the annoyance of her older brother who was desperate for a brother)! But...out of all the children who've been photographed this year...I've only ever had two girls with the same name...which kind of surprised I thought in honour of the forthcoming end of the year, I'd have a review of the most popular UK baby names for 2016!

So, after a bit of are the results...

If you're currently pregnant, maybe have a look down this list and see if there's anything that gives you a lightbulb moment for your new baby...

Happy reading...

Most popular girls' baby names for 2016 so far

1. Isla

2. Amelia 3. Ava 4. Freya 5. Evie

6. Olivia 7. Esme 8. Elsie 9. Mia 10. Ellie

Most popular boys' baby names for 2016 so far

1. Alfie

2. Oscar 3. Teddy 4. Harry

5. Jack

6. Arlo 7. Noah 8. Charlie

9. Jacob 10. Archie




data courtesy of Bounty

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