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So, 2016 is over, although it hardly feels like it had begun! Time definitely seems to be going quicker, the older i get! Last night at midnight, champagne glasses around the world toasted in 2017 and in the UK we watched as Big Ben chimed his 12 chimes and Jooles Holland hosted another Hootenanny on TV! and at that moment, our thoughts switched from 2016 and hopes for 2017 began to evolve!

Is this the year you're planning to have your first baby maybe or have your little one's reached the age where you're thinking of making them into big brothers and sisters with the planning of a new sibling! If so, 2017 could be an extremely exciting year!

The planning of a new baby is so exciting, and the arrival of your new little person, even more so! And if like me, you've had your children but it's your friends who are expecting the arrival of their first little can be just as wonderful!

We have good friends who are expecting their first baby together later this month...a little boy! I can't tell you how excited I am about meeting him! My partner and I have followed our friend's love story for the past few years, watched them tie the knot a few years back (in the most glamorous wedding i might add)and last year we were lucky enough to share in their nervous excitement as they decided it was time to try for their first baby and become 'mummy and daddy,' It wasn't long at all before I had my suspicions that our friends were expecting...and then finally the announcement came! Smiles all round ensued and predictions of whether the little bump was going to be a boy or a girl...I had no doubt....I knew it was going to be a boy! I've become very good at guessing the gender of people's babies over the years...and this time was no exception....a boy it was!

Being extremely organised, our friends had decided on baby's names even before they began trying to get pregnant so it was fun last year being able to refer to the ever growing bump by his name. Watching my friend's enthusiasm and excitement about becoming parents has been an absolute joy and I'm quite sure that there is not a baby in the whole of Yorkshire with a nursery that was prepared with more love and attention to detail than by our daddy to be who painstakingly painted the most incredible mural that would put Disney to shame!

So, now we're just waiting...every time their name pops up on the mobile, I hold my breath wondering if it's news!!! I, of course, am on standby as the official newborn photographer! A huge responsibility! As with every newborn session I'm hired diary is emptied around the dates baby is expected to arrive to make sure I'm available at the key time to get those gorgeous squishy curled up newborn photos that we all love! Planning is key... I've been brewing ideas of special pictures I want to create just for them! Daddy is a big Rugby fan and player, so it goes without saying that a rugby ball is going to be one prop that's going to feature in their newborn photo-shoot! As a fully safety trained newborn photographer and a member of BANPAS, I'm going to be using my skills to produce an amazing photo showing baby resting on top of his dad's rugby ball...safely! How? Well the secret is a method called compositing! Baby will be held safely all the while but when the official picture is edited, the hands will magically disappear and baby will appear to be resting on top of the ball all on his own when infact he was held safely all the time! On top of that idea, they're both lecturers, so again, there's lots of ideas that I'm considering for involving this a theme for a couple of fun images...he's going to be a Yorkshire lad, so the mini flat cap is already in the studio waiting to be worn too!

Colour schemes for baby's newborn photos have been planned around their home decor, lots of white, lots of neutrals, walls decorated with pictures in white frames, all these little things help me to plan a session that will produce images that will not only give my friends a wonderful memory of their baby boy's first days but also create stunning art for their walls at home!

So...we're on countdown now...hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to share their happy news with you and maybe, with their permission, introduce baby in his first official pictures! He's sure to be a handsome little here's raising a glass to our lovely friends for 2017 and the start of their wonderful adventure with their beautiful baby boy! Cheers! Happy New Year everyone...may all your dreams come true...

If you live in the Sheffield, Worksop or Rotherham area and are expecting a baby, you really should think about booking a newborn photo-shoot. I'm literally only 2 mins away from J31 of the M1 with my specialist newborn and children's studio and trust me on this... from the second your baby arrives, he or she will change so quickly and newborn photos are a wonderful way to preserve the memory of baby being so tiny and sleepy! Especially when i pose baby in daddy's hands! Oh those pictures are always so dreamy! I've made sure I've planned the studio to make your visit a pleasant one...we're ground floor with a private free to use car-park so accessible for everyone, I have full baby change facilities and a Perfect Prep machine for bottle feeding mums to use, a private new mummy toilet with all the supplies you'll need, as well as a comfy sofa and a whole heap of yummy posh coffees, hot chocolates and biscuits for you to help yourselves to during your session. The area I photograph baby in is right next to the sofa area too, so you can sit and relax whilst you watch me create the magic! Just read my reviews on Facebook or Google to see what lots of other parents thought of their time with me at the studio...and if you'd like to find out more or reserve one of the limited newborn sessions I have available each month, just give me a call anytime between 10am-10pm 7 days a week!

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