Enchanted Fairies & Elves of 2016

In late 2016, Petite Portraits Photography, aka me, Becky, began on a very special & long wished for dream of a lifetime kind of adventure...I finally got my wish of creating fairy magic here in my little studio in Rotherham!

Ever since I was a girl (a very, very long time ago), I have loved fairies and angels and unicorns and mermaids, in-fact I wanted to be Rapunzel when i grew up! Well, My hair is kinda long...i'm working on the Rapunzel thing still lol!

So, finally after a lot of searching, I found them...and luckily the fairies agreed to come and stay with me and help make magic happen in my studio in our very own Enchanted Forest!

In 2016, we opened the doors to the forest for the very first time and welcomed in a lot of very excited, happy, smiley faces...and that was just the mums and dads and nannans! The children loved it! I loved it! The parents and grandparents loved it but most importantly the fairies had such an amazing time creating so much joy that they decided they wanted to stay in Rotherham for a little while here's to an exciting 2017 for the elves & fairies of the Enchanted Forest and to creating even more magic and even more smiles...

And let's take a look back at some of the wonderfully adorable fairies and elves of 2016!

Our magical Enchanted Fairy & Elf photo-shoots run on selected dates throughout 2017, please contact me at the studio for more info or to reserve a session for your child/children at our next available date. Costumes are provided for children 6 months - 11 years although you may bring your own if you have a special one you'd like to wear! Booking fee £25 includes one 9x6" print for up to 3 siblings.

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