When Should you Book a Cake Smash Photo Shoot?

The answer to this question partly revolves around your reason for wanting to book a cake smash in the first place. The main reason that I get asked to do a cake smash is to create special memories of a client's baby's first or second birthday. There is nothing in the World lovelier than when my newborn client's return to my studio to celebrate their little one's first birthday! It's so heart warming to see the tiny newborn I photographed transformed in a bubbly mini person full of personality and with smiles that could charm the birds from the trees! So, if this is your reason for wanting a cake smash then wait no longer and get booked in now...there is never a reason to put off booking in, as a busy studio it's heart breaking when parents phone up a week or even a month before baby's birthday and the diary is too full to be able to help them. Please don't let this happen to you! There is no such thing as booking to early and booking doesn't mean you have to decide a theme or a colour yet, it just secures the date you want!

However, there are other reasons for wanting a cake smash and not everyone realises that cake smashes don't have 'rules' about when or why you can have one. I've had clients book them as adults to celebrate a special birthday such as their 16th or 18th and even their 30th and 40th birthdays. Adult cake smashes are awesome fun as there's nothing that helps wash a large helping of cake down as a good glass or two of Prosecco on set! Graduation celebrations and engagements are another great reason to have a cake smash, any excuse to celebrate is a good reason to smash cake!

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Neither is there a set date you need to book. Who says that your Cake Smash needs to be done on the birthday date itself? Birthdays can be just manic sometimes what with relatives and friends visiting you at home or party plans. So it can sometimes be better to book the cake smash session either a few days or weeks either side of the special day itself. Infact here at Petite Portraits Photography, I personally think it's a great idea to have the session about 4-5 weeks before baby's birthday so that you can then use their gorgeous cake smash photos on birthday party invitations or display your gorgeous pictures around the room during their party for an extra special and personalised touch to their day! This can work especially well if you have a party theme in mind that I then use to create the cake smash set for you. I did a fabulous Unicorn themed cake smash recently that Mum then used to decorate the room for baby's party with as it matched all the colours!

It's also worth mentioning that not all babies are ready for a cake smash on their first birthday. Some babies, for a variety of reasons, may not be yet sitting up or eating solids at age 1 year...don't think that this means you can't have a cake smash. I love planning and photographing these wonderful sessions so I'm happy to work around your family and your child's needs. If they are ready at 18 months or even older then don't hesitate to get in touch.

When to Book a Cake Smash Photo Shoot

In a nut shell, I’d recommend the earlier the better. If you’ve decided you want a cake smash photo shoot, there's no sense in waiting as you risk not getting the photographer that you really wanted. Believe me, I have bookings in the diary six months to year in advance. By booking your cake smash photo shoot early, you have peace of mind that your date is safe, the booking is confirmed and in the diary! Plus as a bonus it's less to do as their birthday approaches!

However, not everyone thinks about these things in advance and i regularly get emails and phone calls requesting cake smash photo shoots just days or a couple of weeks before the date they want to have their session. Not a problem if I have a space, I can do cake smashes with just 3 days notice (this is the time i need to get my wonderful baker to create a special cake for the session). But by leaving it until the last minute, you do run the risk that I won't have availability to fit you in around my other sessions or that I won't have the time available to turn your theme ideas into reality if i need to order special props or backdrops in for you.

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Rotherham

How Long is a Cake Smash Photo Shoot?

The beauty of cake smash photo shoots at Petite Portraits Photography is that they last about an hour. This is perfect as it gives me enough time to capture lots of awesome cake smash pictures for you, but not so long that baby gets fed up! The other bonus is that as the sessions are fast paced and relatively quick, they won't take your entire day up or stop you having a party for bay on the same day if you wanted to. And as I am a baby focused photographer, I always try to give you complete flexibiity over the time you book to start your session so that you can time it around baby's normal routine and nap times so that we photograph them when they are at their happiest.

Rest assured you’ll be so glad you booked your cake smash session with me once you see your final fully professionally edited pictures! (Please feel free to view more examples here, in my Cake Smash Gallery).

What Happens at a Cake Smash Photo Shoot?

For more of an insight into what happens during my cake smash photo shoots, please read my other blog posts. I don't just take photos of a baby eating a cake...there's so much more to our sessions than that. Nor do i expect you to have to mess about finding,buying or collecting cakes or outfits for baby to wear. I provide everything you'll need for your cake smash session, other than baby's bubble bath and their towel.

Yes really...for just £75 session fee you will get your choice of colour scheme or themed set, I'll design, order and collect your amazing professional buttercream birthday cake from our partner bakers and source baby a fantastic outfit to co-ordinate with their cake smash set. And everything I use to create your cake smash and the photos is the best professional quality, I don't make short cuts, Petite Portraits Photography is a professional, creative studio run by me, a photographer who loves what I do! That's why i am so well regarded locally for my cake smash sessions and other photography. But don't take my word for it, read my reviews on Facebook or Google. I'm so proud of my 5* ratings and extremely high level of client satisfaction. Don't settle for will never regret having a stress free session and then great photo memories of your baby to treasure forever. My clients have often compared the moment they first saw their baby's cake smash sets to the moment they first saw their own wedding breakfast room on their wedding day! All their plans and fine details were just there looking perfect and exactly as they had hoped...that's an awesome feeling to have!

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Rotherham

Book your Cake Smash Photo Shoot Today

If you’re looking for a Sheffield/ Rotherham/ Worksop based fantastic cake smash photographer, we're also near Barnsley, Doncaster & Chesterfield, contact me today to book your cake smash photo shoot by filling in this enquiry form or by texting or calling me on 07960065700. i can't wait to hear your ideas on themes or colours and get creating you something tuly special for your cake smash session.

Becky x

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