Unicorn Cake Smash at Petite Portraits Photography, Sheffield Rotherham

Anyone who knows me, will know that I love all things magical and girly! Fairies, mermaids and unicorns being my favourite! So it was a fantastic day when the Baby L's Mummy called me and asked if I could plan a Unicorn cake smash for her baby girl's first birthday! It was a complete dream come true!

My imagination went into complete overdrive straight away and I was buzzing with thoughts of all the gorgeous colours and props I could use! So I sent Baby L's Mummy a cake smash planner across so that she could give me a few more details about the kind of set she wanted and held my breath, hoping for the go ahead to make something extravagant and colourful. The cake smash planner arrived back and i was elated!!! YES...we were going to go for it!

Hours and hours of planning began! First I sourced an amazing backdrop from the USA, spoke with them and got one shipped over straight away so that it would arrive in time for our July date. Next I hunted high and low for the best and most beautiful outfits I could find! I wanted to make sure Baby L had at least two different outfits, one for her birthday portraits before getting messy and one for her actual cake smash. I couldn't believe my luck when i spotted the most gorgeous unicorn dress and even better still it was the perfect colours to co-ordinate with the backdrop I'd ordered...I couldn't resist and bought it there and then. A few days later, I sat browsing outfits again and saw the sweetest purple and gold sparkly dress...I just knew Baby L would look divine in it and bought that too!

Next I sat and designed the cake and emailed my awesome baker, Dennis to discuss what I envisioned! As normal, Dennis was his usual fabulous self and agreed to the design . He really is so amazing, I honesty can't sing his praises enough. I mean just look at the cake... I was so happy when i collected it on the morning of the cake smash photo shoot! Even down to the smallest detail i had provided about the multi coloured icing mane and the pink rock!

Unicorn Cake for Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Rotherham

The shopping list for this cake smash was pretty long, Colourful tissue paper pom poms had to sourced, gold balloon string, pastel balloons in shades of purple, pink and turquoise. But I still hadn't found that perfect cake smash outfit! So off I went in search of all things i have to admit here, this was a lot of fun and not just a task. Who knew you could buy Unicorn Tears Gin!!! Yes truly, pop the words unicorn into google and hit the shopping option and everything with unicorns on comes right up. A few moments of scrolling later and there it was...the perfect outfit! It was pink and purple and girly..all the boxes were ticked and i hit the buy button! And finally to top it all off, I added the sweetest unicorn headband for Baby L to wear!

The shoot date was fast approaching and the night before I collected the cake and went down to the studio and set everything up ready! It looked divine! Take a look at the set in this video here.

The next morning, I woke early and went to set the cake up and take test shots before Baby L arrived.

The test shots looked just perfect!

Baby L arrived on time with her Mummy and Daddy and boy was she cute and super super smiley! Mum loved the set and Baby L's cake, so much so that she said it was even better than the cake she'd ordered for Baby L's party! I often hear realises how gorgeous the cakes are that we provide for cake smash photo shoots here at Petite Portraits until they've been and it's always mentioned!

Then Mummy saw the outftis and instantly fell on love with them all, especially the unicorn dress! Mummy and I decided that Baby L just had to wear them all during her cake smash photo shoot! How could we not!

The whole photo shoot was a fabulous success! Baby L was a tiny bit shy at first, which is absolutely normal at this age but soon warmed up and then giggled and smiled all the way though! She loved her cake and pulled the unicorn's horn out straight away and got stuck in, tasting all the lovely buttercream icing that she'd got on her little fingers! Mummy had bought a light up ball with her which Baby L loved and we used this to get Baby L to look at us as she was just so busy tasting cake!!! Just look at how adorable she looks:

Baby L's birthday portrait before getting messy

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Rotherham

Baby L enjoys tasting her yummy unicorn cake at her photo shoot

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Rotherham

This is one of my favourite photos of Baby L smashing her cake! She had been bashing the cake with her wooden spoon and thoroughly enjoyed herself! Little sweetheart!

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Rotherham

Once Baby L had eaten her fair share of cake, I got her bubble bath ready whilst Mummy and Daddy gave her a little drink.

And after checking the bath was the perfect temperature..the splashing began! Mummy & Daddy were fantastic with the bubble blowing Baby L thoroughly enjoyed herself! Just look at these adorable photos!

Baby L enjoying watching the bubbles at her cake smash

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Rotherham

If you would like to celebrate your little one's first or second birthday with a cake smash and splash session with me, I'm available at the studio on 07960065700 and happy to chat about how we can make your baby's birthday a really fun event whilst capturing amazingly special pictures for you to keep as a memory of this very special event forever.

Cake Smash photo shoots are £75 and this includes a custom designed, professionally made birthday cake, a decorated set in your choice of colours or theme, baby's outfits and your session consisting of 3 parts: a mini baby portrait session, a cake smash session and our wonderful bubble and splash session. You even get to choose a *complimentary print at your viewing! Take a look at more cake smash photos taken by Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield here.

*subject to T&Cs

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