Baby E's Pink, Blue & Grey Cake Smash Photo Shoot

The colour grey has been so popular this year in home decor trends that it came as no surprise when it became the number one choice as the background colour for this year's cake smashes in the studio too. What better way to ensure your photos look great on the walls of our home! Clever Mummies!

When Baby E's mum contacted me to book a cake smash i couldn't wait to find out what colour scheme she would choose for me to create the set with and i wasn't disappointed! I love colour so was super excited when I was asked for bright pink and blue against super trendy grey for her baby girl's first birthday.

I decided that to keep this set on trend, we'd go for bold pieces of colour but keeping it simple so the focus would still very much be on Baby E, and because it was going to be for a little girl....there had to be just a touch of glitter added at some point, a colourful tutu for Baby E and a few subtle flowers incorporated into the cake to add a smidge of femininity! That would make everything just perfect!

The day arrived, I collected the cake early that morning and it was exactly as i had hoped...bold, bright with just a touch of the floral femininity added! And it smelt divine!

Baby E's Cake for her Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Doncaster Chesterfield Notts

Perfectly matched shades of balloons in pink and blue and silver were blown up and size matched to add height to the set and paper balls were formed and placed at the rear of the set for even more colour.

The lights were set up, test shots were taken and everything looked awesome...I couldn't wait to meet Baby E!

Right on time, Baby E arrived with her Mummy and Daddy! She had a smile that would light up a room and I just knew this was going to be an awesome photo shoot!

We started off by taking some birthday portraits, i think it's really important to do this before we get all messy with cake, and Baby E was just so smiley and happy! Look at her here sat up like a really big girl holding onto her initial! Isn't she the cutest!

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Doncaster Chesterfield Notts

Next we took a set of three images that when collaged together would spell 'ONE'. I love doing this looks so cute when it's all put together on a wall! And it 's also one of the funniest shots to get as babies love to throw the letters around the set so Mummy and Daddy get really involved fetching letter and trying to get baby to hold's so funny!

Then we got the cake out, Baby E looked at us as if to say is this really all for me? It was so comical, but then she got stuck right in! She was a dream! Big smiles, fistfuls of cake and lots of giggling! I just loved capturing these images of her..

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Doncaster Chesterfield Notts

I think Baby E would have sat and ate the whole cake if we'd have let her but we always try and save enough of the cake so that Mummy and Daddy can have a well earned slice of it with a nice cup of tea when they get we got the bubble bath prepared!

The bubble bath smelt gorgeous and Mummy checked the temperature and said it was just right. Baby E sat in and had a lovely splash about whilst we sang songs to her and blew bubbles over her! She had such a lovely time and smiled and smiled and smiled! I could have photographed her beaming smile all day she was so pleasant!

Image source: Petite Portraits Photography Sheffield Doncaster Chesterfield Notts

Finally it was time to go home and Mummy and Daddy dried off Baby E with her lovely fluffy towel and got her dressed whilst i packaged up the cake for them to go home with and enjoy.

A couple of weeks later, Mummy, Daddy and Baby E came back to the studio to choose their favourite photos! It was so cute watching Baby E's reaction to seeing herself in her video! It was a completely impossible task trying to pick favorites as every single photo was absolutely Mummy and Daddy decided they simply had to take every single one and also treated themselves to one of our absolutely gorgeous 24" square multi looked stunning! ​

If you would like to celebrate your little one's first or second birthday with a cake smash photoshoot with me, I'm available at the studio on 07960065700 and happy to chat about how we can make your baby's birthday a really fun event whilst capturing amazingly special pictures for you to keep as a memory of this very special event forever.

Cake Smash photoshoots as standard include a custom designed, professionally made birthday cake, a decorated set in your choice of colours or theme, baby's outfits and your session consisting of upto 3 parts: a mini baby portrait session, a cake smash session and our wonderful bubble and splash session. Take a look at more cake smash inspiration taken here.

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