How Do I Book A Newborn Photoshoot When I Don't Know What Date My Baby Will Be Born?

This is the most commonly asked question when someone contacts me to enquire about booking a newborn photoshoot at my studio.  Did you know that only 5% of babies are born on their due date, yes really ...only 5%! So you needn't worry, I am so used to this as an experienced newborn photographer and mum of four myself....and it's really not a problem at all. There is an easy solution....

The trick is that when i book you in for your newborn photography session, I reserve your approximate due date as a 'guesstimate date' and then I ask you contact me within three days of giving birth.(I recommend to all my mummies and daddies to be that they pop my photography studio number into their mobile phone contacts so that they can let me know really easily.) Once i get that news, we then arrange the actual date for your newborn photography session based on how you are feeling and when you are likely to be back home with baby.

I'll let you into a little secret....i absolutely love it when i get that message or phone call to say baby has arrived! Especially if baby's gender was unknown! It's so lovely to find out! Sometimes my clients are so excited that they message me immediately to let me know...If i have a mummy to be who is due any day...I just know if my phone buzzes in the middle of the night that baby is here and can't resist looking to see if it was a boy or a girl and check that everyone is doing well!

Due to the way we have to book newborn sessions into the studio diary at, I can only schedule a limited number of newborn photoshoots per month so that I can be flexible with dates for you, as some newborns arrive 2 weeks early or 2 weeks late. I have to be ready for absolutely anything with newborns! Therefore, it’s best to book your as session early as you can following your pregnancy scans, to make sure you do get into my diary for the your due date month otherwise if you leave it quite late you might find i can't fit you in. I will always try to help you if i have mums who are overdue or have a space because of early arrivals but this is only a small chance so please don't take that risk if you definitely want pictures of your newborn as we only have a very small amount of time after baby is born in which we can capture true newborn photographs. Why?? Please read the blog post on why to book in advance! #newbornphotographysouth yorkshire #babyphotographersheffield #babyphotoshootsheffield #newbornphotographerbassetlaw #newbornphotographermansfield #newbornphotographychesterfield #newbornphotographydoncaster #newbornphotographysheffield #professionalbabyphotossouthyorkshire #babyphotographersouthyorkshire #babyphotographernottinghamshire #newbornphotographernottinghamshire #newbornphotographydoncaster


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