Popular Baby Name Predictions for the next Decade!

When I was pregnant with each of my babies, I spent endless days and hours...looking at anything could find to give me some baby name inspiration for my much awaited newborn! There was always something that would cause me to discount a suggestion, and if I liked a particular baby partner wouldn't! It was such a huge task! Sound familiar???

Well, maybe this might help provide a few more ideas for you! Bounty, the huge pregnancy and parenthood company who may have already gifted you their famous bounty packs during your pregnancy, have just completed some really interesting research! Read on to find out more!

Over the last twelve months, as parents have registered their newborn's names, Bounty have been tracking the highest climbing newborn baby names to try and predict which names are going to start trending in the next ten years! 300,000 names intact! I bet that spreadsheet was pretty immense!

So, whether you have been thinking about a traditional or a trendy name for your newborn baby when you give might be worth knowing what names might be set to become the most commonly used! Maybe there's a newborn name here that you have never heard of before...I think there's quite a few surprises! See what you think! Do you know a baby who has been named the same? Are you planning on any of these baby names for your newborn?

For newborn baby girls the following names are set to start trending:

In order of predicted popularity:

  1. Nellie

  2. Elodie

  3. Anastasia

  4. Margot

  5. Aubrey

  6. Ayda

  7. Remi

  8. Alayna

  9. Aurelia

  10. Winnie

  11. Dorothy

  12. Kyla

  13. Maeve

  14. Dottie

  15. Liyana

  16. Addision

  17. Blossom

  18. Adeline

  19. Avery

  20. Nola

For newborn baby boys the following names are set to start trending:

In order of predicted popularity:

  1. Chester

  2. Levi

  3. Hudson

  4. Eddie

  5. Myles

  6. Rio

  7. Vincent

  8. Otis

  9. Abel

  10. Coby

  11. Travis

  12. Robbie

  13. Idris

  14. Monty

  15. Romeo

  16. Raphael

  17. Barney

  18. Osian

  19. Dante

  20. Troy


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