When is the Best Time to do a Newborn Photography Session?

Photo Credit: Beautiful Newborn Boy Captured by Petite Portraits Photography

Petite Portraits newborn sessions are typically done from 5-10 days old for a bottle fed baby or 14-21 days old for a breast fed baby. This is the best time because at 5-10 days old baby has often got into a better feeding routine and if breast feeding, after 14 days, mum's milk supply has increased meaning baby will sleep more soundly, be more satiated and pose without waking. When babies are that tiny they spend a lot of time sleeping and still curl up into very sweet poses similar to the positions they were in when they were in the womb. Between 11 and 13 days old babies go through a growth spurt and will want to cluster feed all day so we avoid that window of time to make sure baby’s feeding needs can be met undisturbed. After 21 days, babies start stretching their arms and legs and will not be as amenable to curling up for a picture or sleeping as soundly, which is needed for some of the poses and photographs in props like the buckets. On a practical level, After 5-7 days there is a good chance that baby's umbilical cord will have fallen off, so we won’t have to compromise poses to try to hide the cord and also baby should be mostly clear of any early jaundice or baby acne. However it is important to point out that my newborn photography is baby led...I will not force a baby into any pose which make them uncomfortable so there is no guarantee that I will be able to get your baby into every pose you may wish me to achieve. I always try my best for every client but baby's safety and comfort is paramount above all else.

This may be the first time that you venture anywhere with your newborn, but please don't worry if you feel really tired and disorganised or a bit sore still. I ask all mummies to bring a helper to the studio with them, most bring daddy or their mum with them. During your session, I want you to relax and rest after all the hard work of labour and feeding constantly...your partner or mum will help me with baby throughout your session, whilst you relax on our lovely comfy sofa drinking nice brews and watching TV. Don't worry if you fall asleep, lots of mums do as it's so lovely and relaxing in the studio, we will wake you when it's time to get ready for your photos with baby or if baby needs to breast feed. Oh forgot nappies...don't stress we have everything in our baby room for you including personal hygiene products and breast pads too incase you need them. We've even got a kitchenette area set up for you to treat as your own, make yourself a nice brew or make baby's bottles up using the Perfect Prep machine.

As an experienced, professional newborn photographer, I am very good as soothing and comforting newborns. I don't get called the 'Baby Whisperer' by a lot of my clients for nothing! Being a newborn photographer is not simply about the photography but knowing how to handle babies safely and properly and keeping them settled and comfy. So come and join the many families I've photographed who say how much they enjoyed their newborn session and found it to be the most relaxing day they've had with their newborn since leaving hospital. I can't wait to meet you and your new addition!

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